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May 2024

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Eaton County Cemeteries

The Cemetery Project Team has been working on updating readings and photographing headstones in the last few years and have completed most of them. Indexes for several townships were compiled into publications a few years ago. (click the Publications order form button).  These include Brookfield, Chester, Kalamo, Roxand, Sunfield, Walton and Vermontville Townships, as well as Maple Hill in Charlotte.

Click on the Information button for a cemetery to see general information.  The Photos column shows if we have photos.  The year of the latest reading is in the Index column; click to see index.

Eaton County Township Map
This is a very general layout of Eaton County, showing the townships and cities.

Entire list of our entire Cemetery Database records
We now have a list of all the names we currently have in our Cemetery Database.  This list shows the name and cemetery and if we have a photo of the headstone.  In some cemeteries, it does not show individual headstones that have a photo, but the Cemetery Photos column shows if there are photos for that cemetery.  It does show veteran information for some.  However, not all of the records have been updated for veteran information yet.  Our database has much more information for many of these records, and if you find a name you would like more information on, please send a request.

Cemetery Township Information Photos Index
Bellevue (Riverside) Bellevue Information Yes 2012
Bentley Eaton Rapids Information Yes 2008
Benton Township (Potterville) Benton Information Yes 2011
Bosworth Walton Information Yes 2011
Brickyard Eaton Rapids Information Yes 2012
Brown (moved to Sunfield) Sunfield   n/a n/a
Bunker Eaton Rapids Information Yes 2008
Carrier Brookfield Information Yes 2006
Center Eaton Eaton Information Yes 2006
Cogsdill Kalamo Information Yes 2008
Courter-Pray (Pray) Windsor Information Yes 2008
Deepdale Memorial Park Delta Information    
Delta Center Delta Information Yes 2012
Delta Hillside (Hillside) Delta Information Yes 2012
Dimondale Windsor Information Yes 2011
Follet Bellevue Information Yes 2009
Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Windsor Information   1976
Fox Brookfield Information Yes 2006
Freemire Sunfield Information Yes 2010
Green Eaton Rapids Information Yes 2008
Gresham Chester Information Most 2011
Hager Sunfield Information Yes 2011
Hamlin (Oakwood) Hamlin Information Yes 2010
Haner Vermontville Information Yes 2008
Hillside (Delta Hillside) Delta Information Yes 2012
Kalamo (aka Hillside) Kalamo Information Some 2001
Long (South Eaton) Eaton Information Yes 2011
Maple Hill Eaton Information Yes 2011
Mason Kalamo Information Yes 2001
Meadowbrook Roxand Information   1993
Millerburg Carmel Information Yes 2008
Moyer Roxand Information Yes 2008
Munger Eaton Rapids Information Yes 2011
Needmore Chester Information Yes 2011
Oakwood Oneida Information Yes 2010
Olivet Walton Information Yes 2011
Patterson Vermontville Information Yes 2010
Perry Brookfield Information Yes 2006
Pinch Benton Information Yes 2011
Pioneer Oneida Information Yes 2010
Rest Haven Chester Information Yes 2010
Riverside (Bellevue) Bellevue Information Yes 2012
Rosehill Hamlin Information Yes 2011
Skinner Windsor Information Yes 2008
South Eaton (Long) Eaton Information Yes Index
South Oneida (Strange) Oneida Information Yes 2009
Sowles Brookfield Information Yes 2006
Spaulding Bellevue Information Yes 2011
Sunfield Sunfield Information   1991
Union (aka Johnson & Partlow) Oneida Information Yes 2010
Vermontville Vermontville Information Yes 2010
Welch Sunfield Information   1991
West Carmel Carmel Information Yes 2008
West Windsor Windsor Information Yes 2009
Wilson (moved to Kalamo) Kalamo   n/a n/a
Woodlawn Vermontville Information Yes 2011
This page last updated: April 2016