Sunfield Cemetery
Eaton County, Michigan, Sunfield Township
Read by Eaton County Genealogical Society 1991
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Last Name First Name Information Section
? ?   Section A
? ?   Section A
? ?   Section A
? ?   Section A
? ?   Section A
? ?   Section A
? ?   Section A
? ?   Section A
? ?   Section A
? ?   Section B
? ?   Section B
? ? Our Darling Section B
? Baby   Section A
? Elmira   Section B
? Fanny (Hoover)   Section A
? Ida May   Section A
? Mary   Section B
??? Five Babies Graves   Section A
Ackerson Donald E.   Section A
Ackerson Grace V. (Shaw)   Section A
Alcock John   Section A
Aldrich Bill L.   Section C
Aldrich Cordelia   Section A
Aldrich Gladys L.   Section C
Aldrich Gratia Ann   Section A
Aldrich Lee Burr   Section C
Aldrich Margaret L.   Section C
Aldrich Mildred   Section C
Aldrich Paul Allen   Section D
Aldrich Rufus W.   Section C
Aldrich Ruth D.   Section C
Aldrich Wally (Waldorf)   Section C
Aldrich William H.   Section A
Allen Ernest W.   Section B
Allen George Lawrence   Section B
Allen Hattie E. (Calver)   Section C
Allen Lewis O.   Section B
Allen Margarete (Heaton)   Section A
Allen Nora E.   Section B
Allen Robert   Section A
Allen William J.   Section C
Amon Etha S.   Section B
Anderson Lynn O.   Section C
Aungst Daniel   Section B
Aungst Don   Section C
Aungst Minnie   Section B
Aungst Reva   Section C
Aves Frank I.   Section B
Aves Ona O.   Section B
Aves Otto J.   Section B
Bacon Frank H.   Section A
Bailey Burdella C.   Section B
Bailey James A.   Section C
Bair Carrie E.   Section A
Bair Frank T.   Section A
Baisel Elizabeth   Section A
Baisel Glen O.   Section A
Baisel Helen A. Davis   Section A
Baisel Helen V.   Section A
Baisel John   Section A
Baisel Susan   Section A
Baker Audrey F.   Section C
Baker George E.   Section C
Baker Hugh R.   Section C
Baker Kitty E.   Section C
Baker Laura B.   Section C
Baker Lena N.   Section C
Baker Mary (Baker) Richard, Mary Section B
Baker Merton J.   Section C
Baker Walter J.   Section C
Barker Charles W.   Section C
Barker Elsie B.   Section C
Barnes Harmon   Section A
Barnum Benjamin   Section B
Barnum Gertrude   Section C
Barnum Mabel R.   Section B
Barnum Otto W.   Section C
Barnum Richard L.   Section B
Barnum Susie L.   Section C
Barnum William L.   Section C
Bartlett Robert R.   Section C
Barton Elizabeth B.   Section A
Batdorff Caddie B.   Section A
Batdorff Howard L.   Section B
Batdorff John I., Rev.   Section A
Batdorff John L.   Section B
Batdorff Larry J.   Section B
Batdorff Madeline M.   Section B
Batdorff Malcolm G.   Section B
Baughman Catheryn   Section A
Baughman David   Section A
Baughman Florence   Section C
Baughman Henry   Section A
Baughman Melvin J.   Section A
Baughman Orley   Section C
Baughman Sophia   Section A
Baughman William   Section A
Beal James Liberty   Section A
Beal Mary L.   Section A
Beal Myron C.   Section A
Bebee Donna L.   Section C
Bebee Vernon N.   Section C
Benjamin Darwin A., Sr.   Section C
Benjamin Lulu V.   Section C
Berg Edith H.   Section D
Bidwell Anna C.   Section B
Bidwell Charles W.   Section B
Bidwell Dessie D.   Section B
Bishop Baby   Section A
Bishop Beulah M.   Section C
Bishop Charles E.   Section C
Bishop Elizabeth I.   Section C
Bishop Emma O.   Section C
Bishop Evelyn M.   Section C
Bishop Harold   Section C
Bishop Jessie   Section C
Bishop Joie R.   Section A
Bishop Lloyd C.   Section C
Bishop Reuben C.   Section A
Bishop Robert E.   Section C
Bishop Roy   Section C
Bishop Stella E.   Section C
Bishop Susie   Section C
Bishop Sylvania A.   Section A
Bishop Ward E.   Section C
Bishop William H.   Section C
Blackmer D. H. Martin   Section A
Blackmer Onia   Section A
Blaigher Sarah   Section A
Boom Carl   Section C
Bostian Calvin Eddie   Section A
Bostian Daniel W.   Section A
Bostian Edith D.   Section A
Bostian Milla L.   Section A
Bosworth Charles K.   Section C
Bosworth Charles King   Section C
Bosworth Clifford E.   Section C
Bosworth Edwin L.   Section C
Bosworth Elsie M.   Section C
Bosworth Eulalie   Section C
Bosworth Hazel E.   Section C
Bosworth Jessie B.   Section C
Bosworth John L.   Section C
Bosworth Larry L.   Section C
Bosworth Leon A.   Section C
Bosworth Ole W.   Section C
Bosworth Raymond E.   Section C
Bosworth Rose J.   Section C
Boyer Andrew W.   Section A
Boyer Ann Elizabeth   Section A
Boyer Carl A.   Section C
Boyer Florence C.   Section C
Boyer Ila May   Section A
Boyer Jacob H.   Section A
Boyer Leo E.   Section C
Boyer Leo E. Jr.   Section C
Boyer Mildred F.   Section C
Boyer Paul F.   Section A
Boyer Ruth L.   Section C
Boyer William   Section A
Brailey Oliver   Section A
Branch Ada Collins   Section A
Branch Amy   Section A
Branch Gertrude Morgan   Section A
Branch Herman O.   Section A
Branch Lewis H.   Section A
Brands Alice H.   Section C
Braun Grace Downing   Section C
Braun Virgil O.   Section C
Bridges Phyllis J.   Section C
Bridges Scott L.   Section C
Briggs Jana M.   Section C
Bright Sarah Ann (Bright) Lumbert, Sarah Ann Section A
Brooke Bernice M.   Section A
Brooke Douglas K.   Section C
Brooke Leora M.   Section A
Brooke W. Lance   Section A
Brovant Grace P.   Section C
Brovont Aaron E.   Section C
Brovont Della   Section C
Brovont Francis Eva Hoover   Section A
Brovont Lucy L.   Section C
Brovont Oliver   Section C
Brovont Richard D., II   Section C
Brovont William   Section C
Brown Bernice M. (Brown) VanBuren, Bernice M. Section C
Brown Charles A.   Section A
Brown Emma   Section B
Brown Emma R.   Section A
Brown Hildred I.   Section A
Brown Jane Luan   Section A
Brown Marenus A.   Section A
Brown Margaret M. Granger   Section A
Brown Sidney H.   Section A
Brown Sidney O.   Section A
Brumbaugh David D.   Section A
Brumbaugh Jacob   Section C
Brumbaugh Jemina   Section A
Bryant Letcher R.   Section C
Bryant Viola V.   Section B
Buckley Grace E.   Section A
Bump Harold L.   Section C
Bump Ida May   Section C
Burns Charlie   Section A
Burns Mamie U.   Section A
Burns Thompson   Section A
Bursley Allen R.   Section C
Bursley Ardis A.   Section C
Bursley Raymond F.   Section C
Calver Hattie E. (Calver) Allen, Hattie E. Section C
Campbell Carrie M.   Section C
Campbell Charles Ed.   Section C
Campbell Frances Luella   Section B
Campbell Fred W.   Section C
Campbell Henry Albert   Section B
Carey George W.   Section B
Carey Lillian D.   Section B
Carey Minnie I. Vanakin   Section B
Carlington Albert K.   Section C
Carlington John A.   Section C
Carrage Frank   Section C
Carrage Ruby C.   Section C
Carroll Floyd J.   Section D
Casner Attie Casner Curtis, Attie Section A
Casteel Brian Jay   Section A
Caton Arthur L.   Section C
Caton Mildred R.   Section C
Caton Thelma Marie   Section C
Chamblin Ada E.   Section C
Chamblin Thomas L.   Section C
Champlin Robert Lee   Section B
Cheal Archie   Section B
Cheal Asa W.   Section A
Cheal Edith   Section B
Cheal Edward B.   Section C
Cheal Frances M.   Section A
Cheal James E.   Section A
Cheal John G.   Section A
Cheal Lewis Lloyd   Section C
Cheal Orville E.   Section B
Cheal Verna   Section C
Cheal Virginia   Section A
Cheal William R.   Section C
Childs Charles Kenneth   Section C
Childs Fay C.   Section B
Childs Herbert E.   Section A
Childs Joseph   Section A
Childs Marel E.   Section A
Childs Marjorie   Section C
Childs Nancy   Section B
Childs Phillip   Section B
Childs Phinelia M.   Section A
Childs Walter L.   Section A
Childs Lot   Slab- No Name Section B
Churchill Lillis   Section C
Claflin Raye L.   Section C
Clawson Charles A.   Section C
Cogswell Frank   Section A
Cogswell Marion G.   Section A
Cogswell Mary C.   Section A
Cogswell Stanley V.   Section A
Cole Agnes L.   Section C
Cole Arthur Raymond   Section C
Cole David Russell   Section C
Collier Charles W.   Section C
Collier Clarence E.   Section C
Collier Donald F.   Section C
Collier Ella A.   Section C
Collier Ethel M.   Section C
Collier Fred R.   Section C
Collier George   Section A
Collier Gordon   Section C
Collier Grace V.   Section C
Collier Kay D.   Section C
Collier Mary I.   Section C
Collier Millie May (Collier) Fuller, Millie May Section A
Collier Myrtle E.   Section C
Collier Rosaie E. (Collier) Eastman, Rosaie E. Section B
Collier Ruth I.   Section C
Collier Vern J.   Section C
Collier Zebrene   Section A
Collins Ada Collins Branch, Ada Section A
Cone Alice Cone Knapp, Alice Section B 
Cook Floyd W.   Section A
Cooley Edith (Fay)   Section B
Coon Maurice   Section C
Coon Yvonne   Section C
Coppess Charles S.   Section C
Coppess George   Section C
Coppess George A.   Section A
Coppess George A.   Section C
Coppess Lucy L.   Section A
Coppess Mae E.   Section A
Coppess Margaret C.   Section C
Coppess Ruth E.   Section A
Coppess Theda E.   Section C
Cornish Arizona   Section C
Corp Robert D.   Section D
Cotton Becky J.   Section D
Cotton Brenda   Section D
Cotton Dale J.   Section D
Courtnay Dorothy R.   Section C
Courtnay Richard D.   Section C
Cramer Anna   Section A
Cramer Carrie Gardner   Section B
Cramer Ethel   Section B
Cramer Glen   Section B
Cramer Henry   Section A
Cramer Henry Z.   Section B
Cramer Mary F.   Section B
Cramer Wesley S.   Section B
Cramer  Della G.   Section B
Creitz Bert   Section C
Creitz Robert E.   Section C
Creitz Ruth   Section C
Cure Cordellia   Section B
Cure Hiram J.,   Section B
Cure James   Section B
Cure Pearl E.   Section B
Currier Elsie E.   Section C
Curtis Anna M.   Section B
Curtis Attie Casner   Section A
Curtis Lucinda Curtis Miller, Lucinda Section A
Curtis Webster   Section A
Curtis Willis D.   Section B
Davidson Andrew   Section C
Davidson Rosa A.   Section C
Davis Bernard L.   Section B
Davis Beulah I.   Section B
Davis Ewilda M.   Section B
Davis Helen A. Davis Baisel, Helen A. Section A
Davis Infant Dau.   Section B
Davis James D.   Section A
Davis Jean K.   Section B
Davis Louise E.   Section C
Davis Millie Neff   Section C
Davis Nora M.   Section B
Davis Olin Deloss   Section B
Davis S. Adelia   Section A
Davis Susan   Section A
Davis William D.   Section B
Davis William F.   Section A
Davis William J. Hall   Section C
Davison Elizabeth   Section A
Dawson Maida H.   Section C
Dawson Myron H., Rev.   Section C
Decker Michael K.   Section C
Decker Wendy Sue   Section C
Deer Gladys   Section C
Deer Reix   Section C
Deland Robert Ervin   Section C
Deland Thomas R.   Section C
Depue Lola Depue Smith, Lola Section C
Deuel Laura   Section A
Dilley Ann   Section A
Dilley Benjamin F.   Section B
Dilley Henry   Section A
Dilley Nettie A.   Section B
Dobson Dewitt T.   Section C
Dobson Stacie M.   Section C
Dodge Carol Lee   Section C
Dodge Hazel E.   Section C
Dodge Roland A.   Section C
Downing Grace Downing Braun, Grace Section C
Downing Infant   Section A
Downing Kathryn G.   Section A
Doxie Cynthia A.   Section D
Doxie Richard D.   Section D
Ducker Edward G.   Section C
Ducker Lucille H.   Section C
Eastman Anna May   Section B
Eastman Arthur L.   Section A
Eastman Beatrice J.   Section A
Eastman Helen J.   Section A
Eastman Helen S.   Section B
Eastman Herman W.   Section B
Eastman Judy E.   Section B
Eastman L. Vivian   Section B
Eastman Lennis J.   Section B
Eastman Leonard A.   Section A
Eastman Lottie B.   Section B
Eastman Marlene C.   Section B
Eastman Nelson C.   Section B
Eastman Richard Louis   Section B
Eastman Rosaie E. (Collier)   Section B
Eastman Roy E.   Section B
Eastman Vera M.   Section B
Eastman Wilford B.   Section B
Edwards James C.   Section C
Edwards James Carl   Section C
Edwards Thelma   Section C
Eldred Edna L.   Section A
Eldred Samuel B.   Section B
Eldridge Georgianna   Section B
England Gerald   Section C
Estep Carlton C.   Section B
Estep Forest W.   Section B
Estep Hester R.   Section B
Estep Lillian L.   Section B
Farsang Mate John   Section A
Fast Bert   Section B
Fast Ida A.   Section B
Fay Edith (Fay) Cooley, Edith Section B
Fay Mary J.   Section B
Fay Wesley C.   Section B
Fedewa Mary   Section B
Fender Ellen B.   Section A
Fields Alex   Section A
Fields Ella   Section A
Figg Dale   Section C
Figg David   Section B
Figg Harriet   Section C
Figg Ida A.   Section B
Figg Nellie   Section C
Figg Voight   Section C
Filloon Angelia (McDowell)   Section A
Filloon Levi H.   Section A
First Lulu M.   Section C
Fleetham Agnes   Section A
Fleetham Beulah   Section C
Fleetham Edgar, Sr.   Section A
Fleetham Floyd H.   Section A
Fleetham George H.   Section A
Fleetham Glenna   Section C
Fleetham Jennie   Section B
Fleetham John   Section C
Fleetham Jos. O.   Section B
Fleetham Joseph   Section B
Fleetham L. Lauretta   Section A
Fleetham Nancy   Section A
Fleetham William B.   Section C
Flood Wilfred W.   Section C
Fogle Ella Hunter   Section B
Fogle Floyd Earl   Section B
Fogle Josephine Hart   Section B
Foltz Anna   Section C
Foltz Blanche   Section C
Foltz Denver R.   Section C
Foltz Fred   Section C
Foltz Hubert D.   Section C
Foltz Irene   Section C
Foltz Jimmie   Section C
Foltz Milan   Section C
Foltz Stanley   Section C
Foltz Theodore S.   Section C
Ford Fern Ford Magden, Fern Section B 
Fors Frances   Section B
Fors John Theodore   Section B
Forshey Maurice W.   Section C
Forshey Robert E.   Section C
Forshey Spelman W.   Section C
Fox Mildred E. (Fox) Franks, Mildred E. Section A
France Lilburn "Ty"   Section C
France Maxine M.   Section C
Franks Mable Ellen   Section A
Franks Marion   Section A
Franks Mildred E. (Fox)   Section A
Franks Minnie   Section A
Franks William   Section A
Franks William, Jr.   Section A
Frantz Benjamin F.   Section A
Frantz Benny F.   Section A
Frantz Bertha H.   Section C
Frantz Bessie   Section C
Frantz Christian   Section A
Frantz Delmond   Section C
Frantz Eileen S.   Section D
Frantz Ernest J.   Section C
Frantz Filena   Section A
Frantz Jennie Frantz Ulrey, Jennie Section C
Frantz Leland P.   Section D
Frantz Lydia A.   Section A
Frantz Mose   Section B
Frantz Nicholas   Section C
Frantz Opal E.   Section C
Frantz Ora F.   Section C
Frantz Rosa M.   Section C
Frantz Royal A.   Section C
Frantz Sarah A.   Section B
Frantz Susanah   Section A
Fryfogle Benjamin   Section A
Fryfogle Christiana Munn   Section A
Fryfogle Elizabeth   Section A
Fryfogle Isabelle F.   Section A
Fryfogle Perry   Section A
Fuller Baby   Section A
Fuller Joseph D.   Section A
Fuller Millie May (Collier)   Section A
Gaedert Irene L.   Section C
Gaedert John   Section C
Gaedert Lena   Section C
Gallup John S.   Section A
Gardner Ava Gardner Slater, Ava Section C
Gardner Carrie Gardner Cramer, Carrie Section B
Gaston Stacey Ann   Section C
Geisel Ewilda N.   Section B
Geisel George E.   Section B
Geisel Martha   Section B
Geisel Ohio G.   Section B
Gerlinger H. Ruth   Section C
Gerlinger Waldo J.   Section C
Gierman Bethel Jean   Section B
Gierman Carl F.   Section B
Gierman Martha S.   Section B
Gilmore William G.   Section C
Gonser Harold Ray   Section C
Gonser Thomas M.   Section C
Gorham Bernice R.   Section C
Gorham D. Jason   Section C
Gow William D.   Section B
Gragg Albert A.   Section B
Gragg Anna M.   Section A
Gragg Charles H.   Section A
Gragg Dolph G.   Section A
Gragg Elizabeth A.   Section B
Gragg Fay M.   Section C
Gragg George F.   Section A
Gragg George W.   Section A
Gragg Gladys L.   Section C
Gragg Joseph F.   Section B
Gragg Margarett (Taylor)   Section A
Gragg Robert H.   Section A
Granger Margaret M. Granger Brown, Margaret M. Section A
Gray Cecil O.   Section C
Gray Chester E.   Section C
Gray Lila D.   Section C
Gray Rilla M.   Section C
Green Beulah E.   Section C
Green Elouise (Olive)   Section B
Green Fred G.   Section B
Green George F.   Section C
Green Harriet J.   Section B
Green Lulu M.   Section B
Green Mary E.   Section C
Griffin Arthur G.   Section A
Griffin Charles A.   Section A
Griffin Isabella V.   Section A
Griffin Joseph P.   Section A
Griffin Kate C.   Section A
Griffin Nettie L.   Section A
Griffin Nina B.   Section A
Griffin Oren J.   Section A
Griswol Harriet E. (Griswol) Steves, Harriet E. Section A
Grosnickle Clifton   Section C
Grosnickle Mildred R.   Section C
Guy Addie Jane Guy Martin, Addie Jane Section C
Guy Addie M.   Section C
Guy Archie J.   Section C
Guy Blanche L.   Section C
Guy Carl C.   Section C
Guy Frank   Section A
Guy Gerald M.   Section C
Guy Irene M.   Section C
Guy Joan M.   Section C
Guy John A.   Section C
Guy Kathryn   Section C
Guy Kenneth   Section C
Guy Minnie   Section A
Guy Myron W.   Section C
Gyger Dennis L.   Section C
Gyger Fred   Section C
Hager Abigail   Section B
Hager Alice   Section B
Hager Chester C.   Section C
Hager Dean G.   Section C
Hager Dennis   Section B
Hager Earl A.   Section B
Hager Elaine I.   Section C
Hager Ella   Section B
Hager Ethel   Section B
Hager Ethel B.   Section C
Hager Goldie I.   Section C
Hager Helen   Section D
Hager Ila   Section C
Hager James K.   Section C
Hager Joseph M.   Section C
Hager Julia E.   Section B
Hager Kenneth   Section C
Hager Lida H.   Section C
Hager Merton   Section D
Hager Milton   Section B
Hager William A.   Section B
Hager William R.   Section B
Hahl Karl C.   Section A
Hahl Louisa   Section A
Hahl Ludwig C.   Section A
Hahl Wilhelm L.   Section A
Hahn Austin S.   Section A
Hahn Clarence S.   Section A
Hahn Ida   Section A
Hall Charles W.   Section B
Halstead Nellie M.   Section A
Halstead Wesley W.   Section A
Hamlin Richard C.   Section C
Hampton Donald L.   Section B
Hampton Eugenia   Section A
Hampton J. R.   Section A
Hampton Judy L.   Section B
Hampton Myrtle   Section A
Hampton Raymond   Section A
Hampton Rex   Section A
Hampton Ronald   Section A
Hanna Earl B.   Section C
Hanna Harold   Section C
Hanna Maude   Section C
Hanna Millie E.   Section C
Hanna Ray   Section C
Harms Anna L.   Section C
Harms Charles B.   Section C
Harms Everett C.   Section C
Harms Louvaughn   Section C
Harshey Elizabeth D.   Section B
Harshey John C. F.   Section B
Harshey John N.   Section B
Hart Josephine Hart Fogle, Josephine Section B
Hartley Lillian   Section A
Harvey Gayle   Section C
Harvey Nellie   Section C
Haskin Anda Jane (Maynard)   Section A
Haskin Harvey W.   Section A
Haskins Darwin   Section C
Haskins Henry H.   Section C
Haskins Rilla   Section C
Hawkins Elwood R.   Section C
Hawkins Hattie M.   Section C
Hawkins Idabelle M.   Section C
Hawkins Ray   Section C
Haynor Doris H.   Section B
Haynor Robert   Section B
Heaton Jerome B.   Section A
Heaton Margarete (Heaton) Allen, Margarete Section A
Heaton Mary   Section A
Herald Easter   Section D
Herald Roy   Section D
Holton Dora E. (Shaffer)   Section A
Holton George A.   Section A
Holton George A., Sr.   Section B
Holton Ina   Section A
Holton Loren C.   Section A
Holton Loren D.   Section A
Holton Lynn   Section A
Holton Martha   Section C
Holton Melvin   Section A
Holton Neil   Section C
Holton Queenie A.   Section A
Holton Richard Lee   Section A
Holton Ruthilda   Section A
Holton Wilma   Section C
Hoover ?   Section A
Hoover ?   Section A
Hoover Francis Eva Hoover Brovont, Francis Eva Section A
Hoover Francis L.   Section B
Hoover Jacob W.   Section B
Hoover John   Section A
Hoover John M.   Section A
Hoover Martha   Section A
Hope Alfred H.   Section A
Hope Jessie V.   Section A
Hopkins Carla J.   Section D
Hopkins Michael L.   Section D
Horn Andrew Nelson   Section B
Horn Inez   Section B
Horn Russell   Section B
Hough Barbara Hough Stinchcomb, Barbara Section B
Hough Clyde   Section A
Hough Daniel W.   Section A
Hough Elizabeth   Section A
Hough Elmer Edson   Section A
Hough Forrest E.   Section C
Hough George   Section A
Hough Ilah   Section C
Hough Ilah M.   Section C
Hough Keith G.   Section C
Hough Kenneth   Section C
Hough Neva I.   Section C
Hough Olive L.   Section C
Hough Orpha   Section A
Hough Pearl C.   Section A
Hough Samuel K.   Section C
Hough Susan Jane   Section C
Howard Jennie E.   Section C
Howard Lee C.   Section C
Hulett Amos J.   Section B
Hulett Ann A.   Section B
Hulett Josephine R.   Section B
Hulett Roe H.   Section B
Hunter Albert   Section B
Hunter Baby   Section C
Hunter Baby   Section C
Hunter Clara (Rawson)   Section B
Hunter Edith I. (Van Buren)   Section C
Hunter Edna J.   Section B
Hunter Ella Hunter Fogle, Ella Section B
Hunter Ellen B. (Knott)   Section A
Hunter Ernest L.   Section C
Hunter Esther I.   Section C
Hunter George Rawson   Section B
Hunter Grace E.   Section C
Hunter Hazel B.   Section C
Hunter Horace C.   Section A
Hunter James A.   Section A
Hunter James K.   Section B
Hunter John E.   Section C
Hunter Katheryn   Section B
Hunter Keith M.   Section B 
Hunter Mary I.   Section B 
Hunter Mary J.   Section A
Hunter Merril V.   Section C
Hunter Thomas H.   Section B 
Hurphy Ruth L.   Section B 
Husman Eula B.   Section C
Husman Henry   Section C
Hyde Clara B.   Section A
Hyde Henry   Section A
Hyde Herbert J.   Section B 
Hyde John F.   Section A
Hyde Mary A.   Section A
Hyde Nina   Section B 
Hyde Perry   Section A
Hyde Thomas   Section A
Hyde William H.   Section B 
Ives Lillian   Section B 
Ives Newton   Section B 
Jackson Bessie M.   Section C
Jackson Betty   Section D
Jackson Charles A.   Section C
Jackson Charlie M.   Section C
Jackson Elijah M.   Section B 
Jackson Frank A.   Section C
Jackson Fred E.   Section C
Jackson Gladys L.   Section C
Jackson Golda A.   Section C
Jackson Henry   Section C
Jackson Lester C.   Section D
Jackson Madonna J.   Section C
Jackson Maude   Section C
Jackson Russell   Section C
Jackson Sarah A.   Section B
Jacobes Alva   Section A
James Mary Minerva   Section A
Jenks William R.   Section C
Jennot Margaret Jennot Taylor, Margaret Section B
Jensen George Harvey   Section D
Joppie C. Irma   Section C
Joppie Dennis H.   Section A
Joppie Dennis L.   Section A
Joppie Dorotha I.   Section A
Joppie Gregory   Section A
Joppie Gus L.   Section A
Joppie H.   Section A
Joppie Henry J.   Section A
Joppie Hester   Section C
Joppie Johnie W.   Section A
Joppie Josie   Section A
Joppie Leonard E.   Section C
Joppie Neil E.   Section C
Joppie Nina G.   Section A
Joppie Ray E.   Section A
Joppie Rosalyn L.   Section A
Joppie Walter H.   Section A
Joppie William   Section A
Joppie William H.   Section C
Kaercher Florence   Section A
Kaercher George   Section A
Kaercher Laura   Section A
Kaercher Margaret S.   Section A
Kaercher Mary   Section A
Kaercher Reuben D.   Section A
Kessler Alois   Section C
Kidd Agnes   Section A
Kidd Georganna   Section A
Kidd James A.   Section A
Kidd Melvina E.   Section A
Kidd Robert J.   Section A
Kill Barbara   Section D
Kill Russell   Section D
Kimball Ellen Louise   Section C
Kimball Elton Gay   Section C
Kimbell Charlotte (Kimbell) Meyers, Charlotte Section A
Kimmel Ethel   Section C
Kimmel Jason Gary   Section D
Kimmel Walter   Section C
King Elsie J.   Section C
King Ervin   Section C
King George M.   Section C
King Milton   Section C
King Mina M.   Section C
Kinsman Charles R.   Section C
Kinsman Lila Mellott   Section C
Kirchen Michael   Section A
Kirchen Mina A.   Section A
Knapp Alice Cone   Section B 
Knapp Daniel Wilbur   Section B 
Knapp Homer M.   Section B 
Knott Ellen B. (Knott) Hunter, Ellen B. Section A
Knowles Walter S.   Section A
Lade Agnes A.   Section A
Lade Ernest R.   Section A
Lade Ethel L.   Section C
Lade John A.   Section A
Lade Mary Irene   Section A
Lake Howard "John"   Section C
Langtry Bruce E.   Section B 
Langtry Carl W.   Section B 
Langtry Margaret   Section B 
Langtry Melvena Taylor   Section B 
Lavy Jacob Rollin   Section A
Lavy Martha   Section A
Lavy Maryann   Section A
Lemmon Baby   Section A
Lemmon Florence M. (Meyers)   Section A
Lemmon Frank S.   Section A
Lemmon Infant Daughter   Section A
Lenon Bethel   Section B 
Lenon Elizabeth B.   Section B 
Lenon Minnie M.   Section B 
Lenon Richard B.   Section B 
Lenon Theo   Section B 
Lenon Vern J.   Section B 
Linhart Charles E.   Section A
Linhart Francis J.   Section A
Linhart Nancy J.   Section A
Linville Nevada   Section C
Litchfield Arthur C.   Section A
Litchfield Cleo L.   Section C
Litchfield Daniel W.   Section A
Litchfield Mary L.   Section A
Litchfield Retta J.   Section C
Litchfield Roy W.   Section C
Litchfield Wilma I.   Section C
Lumbert Benjamin   Section A
Lumbert Beulah   Section A
Lumbert Charles E.   Section A
Lumbert Florence   Section A
Lumbert Jay H.   Section A
Lumbert Ruth   Section A
Lumbert Sarah Ann (Bright)   Section A
Lumbert Silas L.   Section A
Lyons Homer M.   Section C
Lyons Maggie J.   Section C
Magden Fern Ford   Section B 
Magden Henry   Section B 
Magden Laura V. Magden Millroll, Laura V. Section B 
Magden Lizzie   Section B 
Magden Mary A.   Section B 
Maher Francis C.   Section C
Maher Mildred A.   Section C
Mann Rusilla   Section A
Mann Wilson   Section A
Mapes Alfred L.   Section A
Mapes Antionette   Section A
Mapes Ellen D.   Section A
Mapes Ethel M.   Section C
Mapes Frances E.   Section C
Mapes Frank M.   Section A
Mapes Harry H.   Section C
Mapes Wayne S.   Section A
Marsh Alonzo   Section C
Marsh Edna B.   Section C
Martin Addie Jane Guy   Section C
Mast Charles D.   Section C
Mast Christena   Section C
Mast Lucille E.   Section C
Mast Orlando   Section C
Mathews Sarah E.   Section A
Mathews Thomas C.   Section A
Mayernik Cora T.   Section B 
Mayernik Stephen   Section B 
Maynard Anda Jane (Maynard) Haskin, Anda Jane Section A
McDiarmid Alice Gail McDiarmid Worden, Alice Gail Section C
McDiarmid Billy P.   Section C
McDiarmid Bruce I.   Section C
McDiarmid Colleen M.   Section C
McDiarmid Dean   Section C
McDiarmid Devilo C.   Section C
McDiarmid Elias C.   Section C
McDiarmid Gertrude J.   Section C
McDiarmid Harold J.   Section C
McDiarmid Kenneth   Section C
McDiarmid Letha A.   Section C
McDiarmid Marie Rose   Section C
McDiarmid Mary F.   Section C
McDiarmid Mildred A.   Section C
McDiarmid Neil E.   Section C
McDiarmid Timothy P.   Section C
McDonald Howard R.   Section C
McDonald Martin H.   Section C
McDonald Rosa M.   Section C
McDowell Angelia (McDowell) Filloon, Angelia Section A
McKimball Leon   Section C
McWhorter Clair   Section C
McWhorter Glycie E.   Section C
McWhorter Johnny L.   Section C
McWhorter Josephine   Section C
McWhorter Max, Sr.   Section C
Meadows Frances E.   Section A
Mellott Ellis   Section C
Mellott Laura   Section C
Mellott Lila Mellott Kinsman, Lila Section C
Metal Grave Marker   No Writing Section A
Metal Marker No Writing     Section A
Metzcar Elizabeth   Section A
Metzcar Jacob   Section A
Meyers Charlotte (Kimbell)   Section A
Meyers Florence (Williams)   Section A
Meyers Florence M. (Meyers) Lemmon, Florence M. Section A
Meyers Handley V.   Section B 
Meyers Hartley U.   Section A
Meyers Infant   Section A
Meyers N. Jane   Section A
Meyers Rebecca E.   Section B 
Meyers Valentine   Section A
Middaugh Benjamin   Section A
Middaugh Harold E.   Section B 
Middaugh Julia   Section A
Middaugh Permelia   Section A
Miller Carl A.   Section B 
Miller Danae H.   Section C
Miller Dawn   Section C
Miller Dean E.   Section C
Miller Lucinda Curtis   Section A
Millroll Laura V. Magden   Section B 
Mills Franklin J.   Section B 
Monroe Lillian E.   Section C
Morehouse Leona   Section B 
Morehouse Paul   Section B 
Morgan Gertrude Morgan Branch, Gertrude Section A
Morgan Henry   Section A
Morris Amy Lee   Section C
Morris Howard   Section C
Morris Lorain K.   Section C
Morris Malene   Section C
Morris Ryan L.   Section C
Morrissey John   Section C
Morrissey Nellie   Section C
Morse Charles   Section A
Moynahan Mary L.   Section C
Moynahan Maynard J.   Section C
Munn Christiana Munn Fryfogle, Christiana Section A
Murphy Barbara E.   Section A
Murphy James Elba   Section B 
Murphy Mary A.   Section B 
Myers George W.   Section A
Nagle William   Section C
Neff Alice   Section B 
Neff Alice M.   Section C
Neff Alton H.   Section A
Neff Carrie A.   Section A
Neff Delila   Section A
Neff Earl   Section A
Neff Gary O.   Section C
Neff Hannah   Section A
Neff Irven   Section A
Neff Joseph Hiram   Section A
Neff Leon J.   Section B 
Neff Lillian M.   Section A
Neff Mildred E.   Section B 
Neff Millie Neff Davis, Millie Section C
Neff Otho   Section A
Neff Otto   Section B 
Neff Sarah A.   Section A
Nelson Oren C.   Section A
Next To George F. Gragg   Stone With No Writing Section A
Nichols Herbert J.   Section B 
Nilfs Keren H.   Section A
Norris Cora A.   Section C
Norris Jesse D.   Section C
Norris Omar   Section A
Norris Sarah E.   Section A
Norris William A.   Section A
Norte Fred W.   Section B 
Norte Lena A. (Reinshuttle)   Section B 
Nulph Alva   Section C
Nulph Lula E.   Section C
Orser Alb't. W. Sergt. Alb't. W. Section A
O'Toole Gretchen   Section C
Overholt Howard   Section A
Overholt Lucinda N.   Section A
Overholt Roger H.   Section A
Overholtz Andrew D.   Section C
Overholtz Dwight   Section C
Overholtz Eleanor L.   Section C
Overholtz Hazel   Section C
Overholtz Scott A.   Section C
Palmenieer Letha   Section A
Palmer Elma   Section B 
Palmer Ernest C.   Section C
Palmer Thomas   Section B 
Park ?   Section A
Park Charles   Section A
Park Ellen V.   Section A
Park Esther   Section A
Park Jeremiah M.   Section A
Park John   Section A
Park Nellie M.   Section A
Park William N.   Section A
Parker Nelson R.   Section A
Parmenter Della   Section A
Parmenter Jay D.   Section A
Parrott Joseph   Section C
Pawlak Frank   Section A
Peabody Bernice   Section C
Peabody Emma J.   Section A
Peabody Ethel May   Section A
Peabody Frank   Section A
Peabody J. Bona   Section A
Peabody James Lee   Section C
Peabody Lawrence M.   Section A
Peabody Loretta L.   Section C
Peabody Lynn   Section C
Peabody Mertie M.   Section A
Peabody Mildred   Section C
Peabody Nathan W.   Section A
Peabody Sarah Gladeus   Section A
Peabody Velva M.   Section C
Peck Elbie   Section B 
Peck Ernest M.   Section B 
Peck Frances R.   Section B 
Peck Lyman M.   Section B 
Peck Marion J.   Section B 
Peck Perry E.   Section B 
Peck Phebe A. (Taylor)   Section B 
Peling Ransler   Section A
Peling Sarah E.   Section A
Perkins Carl   Section A
Perkins Clifford L.   Section C
Perkins Dorothy K.   Section C
Perkins Elizabeth   Section C
Perkins Fern I.   Section C
Perkins Jennie   Section A
Perkins Myrtle   Section C
Perkins Novis A.   Section A
Perkins Oliver   Section A
Perkins Rome R.   Section C
Perkins Ronald R.   Section C
Perkins Wilson E.   Section A
Perry Levi S.   Section A
Perry Malvina   Section A
Pickens Mary   Section A
Pickens Thomas   Section A
Porter Calvin   Section C
Porter Calvin   Section C
Porter Hilda M.   Section C
Porter James C.   Section C
Porter Janet   Section C
Porter Jennie   Section C
Pratt B. C.   Section A
Pratt Clary   Section A
Pratt Donald B.   Section A
Pratt Edith P.   Section A
Pratt Emma M.   Section A
Pratt George O.   Section A
Pratt Mary J.   Section A
Pratt Sarah E.   Section A
Pratt Thomas E.   Section A
Pratt Willie B.   Section A
Pratt Winnfield   Section A
Prescott Arthur   Section A
Prescott Ida   Section A
Prince Cora Belle   Section B 
Prindle Amelia   Section A
Prindle Thomas S.   Section A
Putnam Fannie A. (Putnam) Van Buren, Fannie A. Section A
Quigg Dollie E.   Section C
Quigg Dorothy P.   Section C
Quigg Maurice C.   Section C
Quigg Robert H.   Section C
Rawson Barbara   Section B
Rawson Clara (Rawson) Hunter, Clara Section B
Rawson Silas A.   Section B
Reed Francis H.   Section D
Reed Maynard W.   Section A
Reese Donald B.   Section A
Reese Eileen   Section A
Reese Estella M.   Section A
Reese Fern   Section A
Reese Forrest   Section A
Reese Lucinda   Section A
Reese Mahlon   Section A
Reese Mahlon G.   Section A
Regnaert Garrett R.   Section C
Reinshuttle Lena A. (Reinshuttle) Norte, Lena A. Section B 
Reinsmith David   Section A
Reinsmith Lydia   Section A
Rice Pamela Kay   Section C
Richard Cina   Section C
Richard Claude   Section B
Richard Clifton   Section C
Richard Eunice   Section B
Richard Galia   Section B
Richard George   Section B
Richard George E.   Section B
Richard Harry   Section B
Richard Mary (Baker)   Section B
Richard Roy   Section C
Richards Burten   Section B
Richards Clark   Section B
Richards Martha   Section B
Robertson James A.   Section C
Robertson Jean A.   Section C
Robertson Sophie M.   Section C
Robinson H. Ruth   Section C
Robinson Lyle N.   Section C
Rodringuez (Rodriquez) Juan L.   Section A
Rodriquez (Rodringuez) Juan L.   Section A
Roesch Charles Leroy   Section B
Rogers Ada   Section D
Rogers Clifford   Section D
Roginson Mary A.   Section A
Roginson Perry   Section A
Roginson William C.   Section A
Ruff Anna J.   Section A
Ruff Lee   Section A
Ruzman Pedro   Section A
Sanchez Maria Eloisa   Section A
Sayer ?   Section A
Sayer Albert H.   Section A
Sayer Emily   Section A
Sayer Keneth A.   Section A
Sayer Libbie M. (Zelieff)   Section A
Sayer William F.   Section A
Scheel Cora E.   Section B
Scheel Eva L.   Section A
Scheel George F.   Section B
Scheel Leland M.   Section C
Scheel Lloyd R.   Section A
Scheel Mabel   Section B
Scheel Tava   Section C
Semrau Henry W.   Section C
Semrau J. Ruth   Section C
Semrau Jack E.   Section C
Shaffer Adam   Section A
Shaffer Claud J.   Section C
Shaffer Cyrus   Section A
Shaffer David   Section A
Shaffer Dora E. (Shaffer) Holton, Dora E. Section A
Shaffer Elizabeth   Section A
Shaffer Elizabeth   Section C
Shaffer Elmer C.   Section C
Shaffer Julia   Section A
Shaffer Lucy   Section C
Shaffer Mae E.   Section C
Shaffer Margaret M.   Section C
Shaffer Sarah   Section A
Shaver Gladdis   Section A
Shaver Perl   Section A
Shaw Grace V. (Shaw) Ackerson, Grace V. Section A
Shearer Bessie   Section A
Shearer Dorothy J.   Section A
Shearer Joseph J.   Section A
Shelton Collin Gardner   Section D
Shipman Louise   Section C
Shipman Paul E.   Section C
Shortz Ida I.   Section C
Sipperley Donald J.   Section B
Sipperley Jasper W.   Section B
Sipperley Laura   Section B
Sipperly Catherine   Section C
Sipperly Philip   Section C
Slater Ava Gardner   Section C
Slater Lucretia M.   Section A
Slater Malcolm G., Dr.   Section C
Slater Zalmon B.   Section A
Smalley James R.   Section B
Smalley Lottie   Section B
Smith Adrian   Section C
Smith Adrian Lee   Section A
Smith Archie   Section A
Smith Arthur Eugene Smith   Section C
Smith Bert A.   Section C
Smith Bryce   Section A
Smith Della   Section B
Smith Edwin L.   Section A
Smith Ethel C.   Section A
Smith Galen B.   Section C
Smith George   Section B
Smith Henry W.   Section C
Smith Ida M.   Section C
Smith Jeffrey Dale   Section C
Smith Joseph R.   Section C
Smith Josephine   Section C
Smith Lola Depue   Section C
Smith Loreta May   Section A
Smith Lucene   Section C
Smith Mary A.   Section A
Smith Merle   Section A
Smith Mildred E.   Section C
Smith Myrtle B.   Section C
Smith Orvin Floyd   Section C
Smith Sharon   Section A
Smith Soloman C.   Section A
Snavely Ira C., Rev.   Section A
Snavely Virginia M.   Section A
Sourwin Charles H.   Section A
Sowning Clarence E.   Section A
Space ?   Section A
Space Henry H.   Section A
Space Malinda A.   Section A
Spitzley Brianna   Section D
Spitzley Mary Ann   Section 0
Spitzley Roy   Section D
Sprague Earl P.   Section C
Sprague Emma S.   Section A
Sprague Estella M.   Section C
Sprague Fred C.   Section A
St. John Donna J.   Section C
St. John Ishar W.   Section C
Stambaugh Dale L.   Section C
Stambaugh Fred John   Section B
Stambaugh Kyle   Section D
Stambaugh Lucille   Section D
Stambaugh Oda May   Section B
Stambaugh Richard   Section B
Stambaugh Shirley A.   Section C
Stank Anton E.   Section C
Stank Elsie P.   Section C
Starkey John R.   Section C
Starkey Myrtie M.   Section C
Staub Sarah A.   Section A
Steves Harriet E. (Griswol)   Section A
Steward Bertha J.   Section B
Steward Carla Mae   Section C
Steward Chas R.   Section A
Steward Claude V.   Section B
Steward Edna E.   Section A
Steward Ernest Cecil   Section C
Steward Illa M.   Section C
Steward Jacqueline "Jackie" Section D
Steward Jennie E.   Section A
Steward John C.   Section C
Steward Laura M.   Section C
Steward Mercade R.   Section A
Steward Nathan   Section A
Steward Paul A.   Section A
Stinchcomb A. Monroe   Section B
Stinchcomb Archie M.   Section A
Stinchcomb Asa   Section A
Stinchcomb Baby   Section A
Stinchcomb Barbara Hough   Section B
Stinchcomb David   Section A
Stinchcomb Elizabeth (Turner)   Section A
Stinchcomb Evelyn J.   Section A
Stinchcomb Infant   Section A
Stinchcomb Leon C.   Section A
Stinchcomb Loid Monroe   Section B
Stinchcomb Lydia M.   Section B
Stinchcomb Matie   Section A
Stinchcomb Millie M.   Section A
Stinchcomb Noah   Section A
Stinchcomb Rosa M.   Section A
Stinchcomb Thesis E.   Section A
Stinchcomb Valeita L.   Section A
Strimback Harriet   Section B
Strimbaek William A.   Section B
Stryker Fannie   Section A
Stryker Mabel   Section A
Stryker Owen   Section A
Stryker William A.   Section A
Stuck Libbie   Section A
Stuck Michael   Section A
Styger Hilda L.   Section C
Styger Louis J.   Section C
Styger Martin J.   Section C
Styger Mildred S.   Section C
Swick Howard J.   Section B
Taylor Correl J.   Section B
Taylor Edward W.   Section B
Taylor Ethel R.   Section B
Taylor Gordon Ellis   Section C
Taylor Margaret Jennot   Section B
Taylor Margarett (Taylor) Gragg, Margarett Section A
Taylor Melvena Taylor Langtry, Melvena Section B 
Taylor Nellie M.   Section B
Taylor Phebe A. (Taylor) Peck, Phebe A. Section B 
Thomas Ellis E.   Section A
Thompson Edward   Section C
Thompson Evelyn I.   Section C
Thompson Sarah   Section A
Thompson Timmy   Section C
Thorp Lucretia M.   Section C
Thorp Percy L.   Section C
Thrams Clifton D.   Section C
Thrams Martha L.   Section C
Tickner Adelbert G.   Section C
Tickner Libbie M.   Section C
Tickner Orlo A.   Section C
Tickner Veda L.   Section C
Tomlinson James   Section B
Tomlinson Jeannette   Section B
Tomlinson William   Section B
Town Charles N.   Section B
Town Ency   Section B
Towns Arlo H.   Section A
Towns Emma L.   Section A
Towns Harmon   Section A
Towns John H.   Section A
Towns Mary   Section A
Towns Mary E.   Section A
Treat Joseph Homer   Section N
Treat Lydia   Section C
Trim Emeline D.   Section A
Trim Flossie D.   Section A
Trim Jennie   Section A
Trim Mortimer W.   Section A
Trim Roy H.   Section A
Troub Minnie M.   Section C
Troub William O.   Section C
Trowbridge Austin G.   Section A
Trowbridge Carrie   Section C
Trowbridge Clifford C.   Section A
Trowbridge Edward C.   Section C
Trowbridge Florence I.   Section A
Trowbridge I. Benjamin   Section A
Trowbridge Iona I.   Section A
Trowbridge Ira   Section A
Trowbridge Irene   Section C
Trowbridge Jack H.   Section C
Trowbridge Lena   Section B
Trowbridge Minnie B.   Section A
Trowbridge Samuel   Section A
Trowbridge Wayne   Section C
Trowbridge Wendell D.   Section C
Turner Elizabeth (Turner) Stinchcomb, Elizabeth Section A
Ulrey Jennie Frantz   Section C
Ulrey Oscar   Section C
Van Blarcom Claude D.   Section B
Van Blarcom George H.   Section B
Van Blarcom Olive E.   Section B
Van Buren Carl   Section C
Van Buren Edith I. (Van Buren) Hunter, Edith I. Section C
Van Buren Fannie A. (Putnam)   Section A
Van Buren Leonard   Section A
Van Buren Margaret   Section A
Van Buren Thomas   Section A
Van Buren Thresa   Section A
Vanakin Minnie I. Vanakin Carey, Minnie I. Section B
VanBlarcom Alice L.   Section D
Vanblarcom Bertha M.   Section A
VanBlarcom Claude G.   Section D
Vanblarcom Eugene   Section A
Vanblarcom Guy F.   Section A
VanBuren Bernice M. (Brown)   Section C
VanBuren Burnita   Section C
VanBuren Earl C.   Section C
VanBuren Floyd L.   Section C
VanBuren Hazel M.   Section C
VanBuren Homer H.   Section C
VanBuren James E.   Section C
VanBuren Leon J.   Section C
VanBuren Lue   Section C
VanBuren Margaret E.   Section C
VanBuren Marian B.   Section C
VanBuren Martha E.   Section C
VanBuren Nellie L.   Section C
VanBuren Pearl   Section C
VanWormer Clarence   Section D
Veness Sarah   Section A
Walker J., Rev.   Section A
Walton Ella Mae   Section C
Weatherbee Virginia A.   Section C
Weippert David G.   Section A
Weippert Effie R.   Section A
Weippert Emma D.   Section A
Weir Ella M.   Section A
Welch Betty V.   Section D
Welch Herbert A.   Section B
Welch Perry J.   Section D
Wellman Vernon C.   Section C
Wells David A.   Section C
Wells Elizabeth   Section B
Wells Homer A.   Section C
Wells Muriel G.   Section C
Wescott Benjamin E.   Section A
Wescott Hazel E.   Section A
West David E.   Section A
West Maurice B.   Section A
Westcott Eli   Section A
Westcott Lovina   Section A
Westcott Martin W.   Section A
Westcott Mary M.   Section A
Wetherbee Clifton Ira   Section B
Wetherbee Elizabeth   Section B
Wetherbee James W.   Section B
Wetherbee Sana C.   Section B
Wetmore George L.   Section A
Wheaton Elois E.   Section C
Wheaton Wayne A.   Section C
Whipple Vera B.   Section C
White Archie   Section B
White Gladys   Section B
White Golda L.   Section A
White Grace   Section B
White Ralph   Section B
White Willey   Section A
Wilbur Adeline J.   Section B
Wilbur Clyde   Section B
Wilcox Arnold A.   Section C
Wilcox Donald L.   Section B
Wilcox Edna L.   Section A
Wilcox Fred H.   Section A
Wilcox Fred Voight   Section B
Wilcox Henry H.   Section A
Wilcox Leo H.   Section B
Wilcox Lois M.   Section C
Wilcox Martha V.   Section B
Wilcox N. Arlene   Section B
Wilcox Sarah   Section A
Williams Florence (Williams) Meyers, Florence Section A
Williams Hattie A.   Section A
Williams Jennie E.   Section A
Wirt Durs   Section A
Wirt Lonnie V.   Section A
Wirt Martin J.   Section A
Wirt Susan   Section A
Wise Charles B.   Section C
Wise N. Alice   Section C
Witherele Sylvester   Section A
Witherell Annetta F.   Section B
Witherell William R.   Section B
Wolf Charles Dean   Section C
Worden Alice Gail McDiarmid   Section C
Worrall Ella E.   Section A
Worrall Henry   Section A
Wright Blanche   Section A
Wright Ernest W.   Section B
Wright Eva C.   Section C
Wright Leonard Carl   Section B
Wright Maxine E.   Section A
Wright Nellie G.   Section B
Wright Phyllis   Section C
Wright Raplh O.   Section C
Wright Richard   Section C
Wright Sharon J.   Section A
York ?   Section B
York Mary T.   Section B
Zakshesky Henry F.   Section C
Zakshesky Joseph S.   Section C
Zakshesky Nina M.   Section C
Zelieff Libbie M. (Zelieff) Sayer, Libbie M. Section A
Zeluff Clifton D.   Section A
Zeluff Ella V.   Section A