Millerburg Cemetery
Eaton County, Michigan, Carmel Township
Read 2008 by Eaton County Genealogical Society, Cemetery Photo Project
Note: 'Yes' in the Photo column indicates a headstone photo is available thru Eaton County Genealogical Society for a nominal fee.
Last Name First Name Maiden Information Photo
? Infant      
Allen Ronald      
Alton Henry     Yes
Anuchick Ophelia I.     Yes
Arnold Aurelia C.     Yes
Arnold Willet C.      
Ash Austin     Yes
Ash Austin     Yes
Ash Elizabeth     Yes
Ash Elizabeth     Yes
Ash Elizabeth     Yes
Ash Isaac     Yes
Ash Veva M.     Yes
Baker Francis      
Baker Glenna G.     Yes
Baker Julia A.     Yes
Baker Thomas H.     Yes
Barr Sarah Barr   Hilborn, Sarah Yes
Barrett Bruce     Yes
Barrett Charles T.     Yes
Barrett Esther     Yes
Barrett Hazel G.     Yes
Bartels Friderike     Yes
Beard Harry D.     Yes
Beard Rachel M.     Yes
Beck Ella M.     Yes
Beck Hattie May     Yes
Beck Infant Son     Yes
Beck John     Yes
Beck John T.     Yes
Beck Mary J. Spencer     Yes
Bell Bernice C.     Yes
Benson Walter (Rugh)      
Benson Walter Amburn     Yes
Beranek Anna K.     Yes
Betts Jennie Hickox     Yes
Bisel Benj. F.     Yes
Bisel Bert     Yes
Bisel Catherine     Yes
Bisel David     Yes
Bisel Eliza     Yes
Bisel G. W.     Yes
Bisel John P.     Yes
Bisel John P.     Yes
Bisel Lydia L.     Yes
Bisel Margaret     Yes
Bisel Margaret     Yes
Bisel Maria     Yes
Bisel Mary A.     Yes
Bisel Rachel     Yes
Bisel Rhoda     Yes
Blodget Charlotte     Yes
Blodget LeRoy     Yes
Blodgett Anson     Yes
Blodgett Anson C.     Yes
Bollinger Charles     Yes
Bollinger Emma L.     Yes
Bollinger Vernon & Howard     Yes
Bouche Nellie May      
Boyd Floyd A.     Yes
Boyd Ora F.     Yes
Boyles Albert O.     Yes
Boyles Alfred A     Yes
Boyles Emma G.     Yes
Boyles George W.     Yes
Boyles James W.     Yes
Boyles Laura     Yes
Boyles Laura I.     Yes
Boyles Lawrence C.     Yes
Boyles Mary J.     Yes
Boyles Minnie R.     Yes
Boyles Mira     Yes
Boyles Richard     Yes
Boyles Wilbur I.     Yes
Boyles William     Yes
Boyles Willie     Yes
Boyles Winifred R.     Yes
Boyles Winnifred R.     Yes
Bragdon Harry D.     Yes
Brown Caroline     Yes
Bulock Bernice L.     Yes
Bulock Harry C.     Yes
Bulock Nettie R.     Yes
Burchfield Oliver      
Burkhead M. D.      
Carpenter Leland E.     Yes
Carpenter Leon L.      
Carpenter Susan E.     Yes
Casher Frank     Yes
Casher Martha     Yes
Casher Susanna Nichols     Yes
Casher William H.     Yes
Casher William W.     Yes
Clark Bertha B.     Yes
Clark Julie Ann     Yes
Clements Anna Jane      
Clements Charlotte C.     Yes
Clements Margaret     Yes
Clements Samuel, Sen.     Yes
Cole Agnes O.     Yes
Coleman Beulah M.     Yes
Coleman Frank J.     Yes
Conklin Ara B.     Yes
Conklin Charles E.     Yes
Conklin Mary F.     Yes
Conklin Rena P.     Yes
Conklin Wesley R.     Yes
Conley Laura Jane      
Cook Barbara I.     Yes
Cook Dale W.     Yes
Cook H. Devere     Yes
Cook L. Patricia     Yes
Cook Marie E.     Yes
Cook Willis W.     Yes
Cooley Connie Sue     Yes
Cooley Ora Wyona     Yes
Cooley W., Mrs.      
Cooley Warren M.      
Cooper Ellen     Yes
Cooper Frank     Yes
Cooper James      
Cooper Lydia Ann     Yes
Cooper Ward B.     Yes
Crandall James George     Yes
Crandall Patricia Ann     Yes
Crowell Rhodo B.      
Culpepper Leon F.     Yes
Culpepper Rachel M.     Yes
Cupples Maggie     Yes
Davis Charles F.     Yes
Davis Clarence E.      
Davis Edmund W.     Yes
Davis Elta     Yes
Davis Ernest R.     Yes
Davis Eva P.     Yes
Davis Evan J.     Yes
Davis Fannie     Yes
Davis Fred F.     Yes
Davis George W.     Yes
Davis Harl L.     Yes
Davis Infant     Yes
Davis Jacob E.     Yes
Davis John     Yes
Davis Lucinda     Yes
Davis Marion     Yes
Davis Mary A.     Yes
Davis Pearl I.     Yes
Davis R.     Yes
Davis Rebecca     Yes
Davis Rosezella     Yes
Davis Russell     Yes
Davis Sarah E.     Yes
Davis William H.     Yes
Dean Doris A.     Yes
Dean Janet B.     Yes
Dean Lucille     Yes
Dean Nyle E.     Yes
Dellameter Abraham D.     Yes
Diamond Gloria L.     Yes
Diamond Harold J.     Yes
Edman Charles     Yes
Edman Mary J.     Yes
Fisher Jennie M.     Yes
Fortney Anna C.     Yes
Fortney Daniel V.     Yes
Fortney Ella E.     Yes
Fortney Frank     Yes
Fortney George E.     Yes
Fortney James F.     Yes
Fortney John H.     Yes
Fortney Max M.     Yes
Fortney Rachel M.     Yes
Fortney Ralph Omer     Yes
Fortney Susan     Yes
Foster Clifford      
Foster Harriet     Yes
Foster Ira A.     Yes
Fraise Emaline E.     Yes
Fraise George W.     Yes
Fraise Harrison L.     Yes
Fraise Infant Son     Yes
Fraise Leonard H.     Yes
Freed Ruby Irene     Yes
Frier Paul Tower      
Goodwin Florence H.     Yes
Goodwin Martin D., Sr.     Yes
Green Edna C.     Yes
Green Fordyce L.     Yes
Green Lennie F.     Yes
Grier Charles J.     Yes
Grier Donald Strang     Yes
Grier Edman T.     Yes
Grier Glycine T.     Yes
Grier James J.     Yes
Grier Nancy     Yes
Grier Paul Tower     Yes
Grier Ruth M.     Yes
Grier Velma Lenore     Yes
Griest A. L. G.     Yes
Griest Alice A.     Yes
Griest Elden     Yes
Griest Ellen     Yes
Griest Emmerson     Yes
Griest George W.     Yes
Griest James T.     Yes
Griest Lemuel     Yes
Griest Lynn H.     Yes
Griest Mary     Yes
Griest Matilda A.     Yes
Griest Tully T.     Yes
Guthrie Phyllis Ann     Yes
Hale Bertha Marie     Yes
Harmon Byron T.     Yes
Harmon Charles L.     Yes
Harmon Cleve     Yes
Harmon Jack Cleve     Yes
Harmon Marie J.     Yes
Harmon Robert L.     Yes
Harmon Robert L.     Yes
Harmon Venus G.     Yes
Haws Caroline      
Heath James R.     Yes
Heath Mark K.     Yes
Hickox Charles     Yes
Hickox Elva     Yes
Hickox Florence     Yes
Hickox Jennie Hickox   Betts, Jennie Yes
Hickox Zora Hickox   Morrison, Zora Yes
Hilborn Sarah Barr     Yes
Hine David C.      
Hoag Roberta J. (Hoag)   Rivera, Roberta J. Yes
Hokanson Fena     Yes
Hokanson Ira L.     Yes
Hokanson John     Yes
Hokanson Olive     Yes
Hokanson Ora Fena      
Hokanson Oscar     Yes
Homan Jay Dale     Yes
Homan Mary A. Salter   Yes
Homan Theresa Sue     Yes
Howard Baby Girl      
Howard Emma     Yes
Howard Stephen     Yes
Jackson Herman M.     Yes
Janousek Marylin Louise      
Janson George L.     Yes
Johnson Russell M.     Yes
Johnson Sylvia F.     Yes
Johnson William     Yes
Johnston Donald Eugene      
Johnston Ernest Laverne      
Johnston Ervin L.     Yes
Johnston James L.      
Johnston Mary R.     Yes
Jordan Jennie B.     Yes
Kerekes Andrea Chen     Yes
Kerekes Audrey J.     Yes
Kerekes Berdina V.     Yes
Kerekes Mary     Yes
Kerekes Paul D.     Yes
Klaiss Donald R.     Yes
Klaiss Mary L.     Yes
Lane Clarissa Amanda     Yes
Lane Elizabeth     Yes
Lane Ida      
Lane J. M.     Yes
Lashley Derrick E.     Yes
Lashley Jerry L.     Yes
Lashley Margaret V.     Yes
Lear Bernice M.      
Lear Wilbur E.      
Lee Margaret     Yes
Line Jack E.     Yes
Loose Grace A.     Yes
Loveland Dale Eugene     Yes
Loveland Leon Eugene     Yes
Lown Floyd V.     Yes
Lown Mary M.     Yes
Lutz John P.     Yes
Lutz Jon P.     Yes
Lutz Laura J.     Yes
Lyke Ellen M.     Yes
Lyke Jerry D.     Yes
Maksymowski Carol A.     Yes
Maksymowski John "Jake" A.     Yes
Martin Albert H.     Yes
Martin Bradley T.     Yes
Martin Lorena M.     Yes
Martin Rebecca E.     Yes
Mason Noel Murray      
McDermid H. P.     Yes
McDougle Harriet P.     Yes
McLaughlin James     Yes
McLaughlin Margaret     Yes
McLaughlin Rebecca     Yes
McLaughlin Rebecca R.     Yes
Mehlberg Elmer J.     Yes
Mehlberg Florence J.     Yes
Miller Abigail     Yes
Miller Daniel     Yes
Miller Daniel     Yes
Miller Daniel     Yes
Miller Elizabeth     Yes
Miller Fannie Nichols     Yes
Miller Hannah     Yes
Miller Hattie May     Yes
Miller Infant Daughter      
Miller Isabell     Yes
Miller Jacob     Yes
Miller Jacob     Yes
Miller Mary A.     Yes
Miller Mary A.     Yes
Miller Mary E.      
Miller Mary J.     Yes
Miller Maud L.     Yes
Miller R. Davissen     Yes
Miller Rebecca     Yes
Miller Rebekah     Yes
Miller Rhoda A. and Baby     Yes
Miller William D.     Yes
Miller William D.     Yes
Miller William Daniel      
Miller Willie      
Moore Abbie     Yes
Moore Anna C.     Yes
Moore Frank A.     Yes
Moore Hazel L.     Yes
Moore Jessie L.     Yes
Moore Myrtle     Yes
Moore Robert B.     Yes
Moore Sirvetos     Yes
Morales Florence A.     Yes
Morales Louis     Yes
Morrison Fane Harold     Yes
Morrison Zora Hickox     Yes
Mount John B.      
Mount Richard     Yes
Mulhollan Amanda     Yes
Mulhollan James     Yes
Nelson Annetta     Yes
Nelson Barbara L.     Yes
Nelson Estella A.     Yes
Nelson Everett G.     Yes
Nelson Joseph L.     Yes
Newcomer John      
Nichols Agnes     Yes
Nichols Ann Jane     Yes
Nichols Asa H.     Yes
Nichols Charles     Yes
Nichols Charles Philip     Yes
Nichols Earl S.     Yes
Nichols Eliza Mary     Yes
Nichols Elva E.     Yes
Nichols Enoch S.     Yes
Nichols Fannie Nichols   Miller, Fannie Yes
Nichols George E.     Yes
Nichols Howard E.     Yes
Nichols Howard Eugene      
Nichols James W.     Yes
Nichols John A.     Yes
Nichols Leticia (Letta)      
Nichols Lucy A.     Yes
Nichols Lucy I.     Yes
Nichols Mary Willie     Yes
Nichols Matilda A.     Yes
Nichols Mildred M.     Yes
Nichols Myrl E.     Yes
Nichols Nora B.     Yes
Nichols R.     Yes
Nichols Robert     Yes
Nichols Sarah A.     Yes
Nichols Sarah A. Smith     Yes
Nichols Stephen A.     Yes
Nichols Susanna Nichols   Casher, Susanna Yes
O'Leary Wm. H.     Yes
Olmstead Clifford E.     Yes
Olmstead Lillie May     Yes
Olmstead Timothy     Yes
O'Teney Barbara J. (Zeis)     Yes
O'Teney Dana D.     Yes
Palmiter Irene     Yes
Palmiter James W.     Yes
Pangborn Charles      
Pauley Baby Girl Shelly Jean      
Perry Samuel D.      
Pifer John      
Polhamus James, Sr.     Yes
Pollak Jennie     Yes
Pollak Richard     Yes
Radel John     Yes
Radel Philip     Yes
Ramsey Mrs.      
Ransom George     Yes
Ransom Reuben     Yes
Ransom Roseana     Yes
Ray Darwin J.     Yes
Ray Ellen     Yes
Ray John C.     Yes
Ray R.     Yes
Ray Robert J.     Yes
Ray William     Yes
Raymond Henry     Yes
Raymond Rachel     Yes
Raymond Susan     Yes
Reeves S., Rev.     Yes
Reynolds Ethel     Yes
Reynolds Floyd     Yes
Reynolds Infant     Yes
Reynolds Jacob     Yes
Reynolds Josiah     Yes
Reynolds LeRoy     Yes
Reynolds Martha     Yes
Rich Pearl      
Rickerd Elizabeth Rachel     Yes
Rivera Roberta J. (Hoag)     Yes
Roberts Benjamin F.     Yes
Roberts Elizabeth     Yes
Roberts Infant Son     Yes
Roberts Lillian May     Yes
Roberts Mary J.     Yes
Roberts Nancy I.     Yes
Roberts W.     Yes
Roberts Wm.     Yes
Robins Betty J.     Yes
Roher James B.     Yes
Roher James E.     Yes
Roher Thelma E.     Yes
Rose Alice Muhn     Yes
Rose Harold A.     Yes
Rose Nancy Jane     Yes
Rose Simon Alfred     Yes
Rugh Anna L.     Yes
Rugh Charles V.     Yes
Rugh Donald     Yes
Rugh Mary M.     Yes
Salter Mary A. Salter Homan, Mary A. Yes
Sears Mae     Yes
Shakley Elizabeth     Yes
Shaver Adaline     Yes
Shaver Adin W.     Yes
Shaver Agnes C.     Yes
Shaver Alice Ann     Yes
Shaver Audra L.     Yes
Shaver Bessie E.     Yes
Shaver Blanche     Yes
Shaver Edna E.     Yes
Shaver Glenna Gladys      
Shaver Hulbert     Yes
Shaver John     Yes
Shaver John M.     Yes
Shaver Joseph W.     Yes
Shaver Lawrence K.     Yes
Shaver Martha A.     Yes
Shaver Orville C.     Yes
Shaver Orville S.     Yes
Shaver Roger Sherman      
Shaver Wilson J.     Yes
Shaw Grant     Yes
Shaw Katie     Yes
Shaw Mary E.     Yes
Shaw Mildred     Yes
Shaw Robert     Yes
Sheller Rebecca A.     Yes
Sibbrel George W.     Yes
Sibbrel Leslie     Yes
Sibbrel Lolo     Yes
Sibbrel Sarah E.     Yes
Simek Edward T.     Yes
Simek Joseph     Yes
Simek Katerina     Yes
Simek Virginia J.     Yes
Sisson Charles A.     Yes
Sisson Gertrude I.     Yes
Sisson Viola M.     Yes
Smith Estella E.     Yes
Smith James H.     Yes
Smith John E.     Yes
Smith Mary A.     Yes
Smith Philip J.     Yes
Smith Sarah A. Smith   Nichols, Sarah A. Yes
Smith Vaughn H.     Yes
Smith Vickie Marie     Yes
Snyder Joshua H.     Yes
Snyder Mary E.     Yes
Spencer Mary J. Spencer   Beck, Mary J. Yes
Sprague Eliza     Yes
Stephen Cora Ettemay      
Stocking Mary Beck     Yes
Sutton Carl A.     Yes
Swaisgood Iva May     Yes
Swaisgood Ivory E.     Yes
Swaisgood Jennie M.     Yes
Taylor Laura     Yes
Temcoff Rachel     Yes
Tissue Vicky H.     Yes
Tuttle Eliza A.     Yes
Uhl F. & S., Daughter of      
Uhl Fred      
Uhl Patricia J.     Yes
Unknown       Yes
Updike Hannah     Yes
VanTuyl Susan P.     Yes
Vickery Laura Jane      
Watson Suszanne M.     Yes
Welch Ammi     Yes
Welch Cora B.     Yes
Welch Francis     Yes
Welch Lucy M.     Yes
Weldon Lewis      
Whitaker F.      
Whitaker Wm.      
White Franklin C.     Yes
Widrig Carl     Yes
Widrig Ethel A.     Yes
Wilken John     Yes
Wilken Lena     Yes
Williams Vivian I.     Yes
Woods Beverly J.     Yes
Woods Donald Leroy      
Woodworth Don H.     Yes
Woodworth Mildred I.     Yes
Wright Charles T.     Yes
Wright Chas & Vietta, children of     Yes
Wright Francis      
Wright Mark R.     Yes
Wright Sharon K.     Yes
Wright Vietta E.     Yes
Young Christian     Yes
Young Franklin E.     Yes
Young Lulu M.     Yes
Young Millicent A.     Yes
Zeis Barbara J. (Zeis)   O'Teney, Barbara J. Yes
Zeis C. Mildred     Yes
Zeis Laura J.     Yes
Zeis Lawrence F.     Yes
Zeis Oliver O.     Yes
Zeis Orvil Leroy