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February 2024

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Phone: 517.997.0666    E-mail: Corresponding Secretary     © 2020 Eaton County Genealogical Society

ECGS Scrapbook

Meeting News

When we get pictures from a meeting, we will post a collage of them here.

September 2014 Meeting
September 2014
August 2014 Meeting
August 2014
July 2014 Meeting
July 2014
June 2014 Meeting
June 2014
May 2014 Meeting
May 2014
April 2014 Meeting
April 2014
March 2014 Meeting
April 2014


This section will show pictures from events as we get them.

Duck Lake Group hosts their meeting at ECGS
April 2014

Highlights from years past

This section will show very simple photo galleries from years past. Click on the following links to see those specific years and/or events.

This page was updated: August 2014