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May 2, 2020

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Send A Request

Our Index System contains names that appear in many holdings we have in our library.  With each name, it indicates which holding it appears in and the page number (if applicable) and sometimes other extra information.  An example could look like this:

Last First BookName Year Location Page Info1 Info2 Maiden
Copeland Dwayne Obituary 50, Eaton Rapids Obits 1988 - 1991 Room 1, Obituary Section 105


Copeland Earl Surname Card File Unspecified Various SB.23 Pg 62,63,64 See Hubert, Dean (Mr & Mrs)

Copeland Earl R. Obituary 08, Eaton County Obits 1989 - 1989 Room 1, Obituary Section 015


Copeland Effie M. Book B Chancery 1890 - 1908 Vault 1, Section C, Book C-10 280


Copeland Effie M. Chancery Calendar Book 6 1899 - 1912 Vault 1, Section I, Book I-30 070 Divorce

Copeland Effie M. Chancery Order Book H 1900 - 1906 Vault 1, Section C, Book C-40 003



We can e-mail a list of what we have for specific names you are researching, or for the entire surname list.  We usually create an Excel file and attach it.  If you are not able to read an Excel file, please let us know and we can copy the list directly into the e-mail.

Information that is helpful to our researchers when making a request:
    Names and any dates (or time period) that you know of
    How you are related (this sometimes helps to know which direction to research)
    Any specific questions you are trying to find answers to
    Your name and address to mail packet to (this can wait until we know if we find something if desired)

Fees for mailing copies:
There is no charge for any answers we can give in an e-mail.  If you would like copies of documents we have, we would like to recover our expenses.  We get 20 cents per copy and as a rule, $2.00 for shipping/handling.  (Shipping and handling can vary more or less depending on postage rates for the number of copies in the package.)

Current Members Research Guidelines:
Our volunteer researchers will spend up to 1/2 hour on your request.  If we show there are remaining items we did not have time to locate and copy for you, we may e-mail the complete list to you (see above example).  This list will contain everything we find including what we already copied.  Our database person creates and sends this list, so please allow a week or so for it.  If you have multiple names to research, you may want to prioritize which name(s) to work on first.  If you have found a large number of  items from our various lists on this website, you may want to prioritize which items to locate and copy first.  Once we have answered your request, you are welcome to send another request for another set of information and if we have time, we can do another 1/2 hour  This allows us to keep the research flowing for everyone.  Thank you!

Non-Member Research Guidelines:
Our volunteer researchers will look in the database for your names and send the list. To receive copies (email or mail) of documents, please remit $25.00 for a research fee. You may mail a check to PO Box 337, Charlotte, MI 48813. Thank you!

Click here to Send a Request!
(Please allow up to 2 weeks for response.)


Note: If the volunteer researchers cannot complete your research, we have a list of other possible (paid) researchers. Please see the Researchers page.

This page last updated: January 2020