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Researcher Links

We have a list of people who may be willing to do research for you for the Eaton County, Michigan area. While we, as a Society, attempt to provide up to 1/2 hour of research, there may be more research needed than can be done in this 1/2 hour. We do not guarantee or recommend any of the following people; we are simply giving a list of researchers as we become aware of them. You will need to contact them for their specific charges. Please inlcude 'Eaton County Research Request' in the subject line. If you are a researcher who would like to be added to this list, please send your information to us at the ECGS Board email

Researcher DescriptionContact
Jan Sedore, Researcher
Jan Sedore
Jan Sedore lives in the Sunfield, Michigan area and is quite familiar with Eaton County.
Sue Thompson, Researcher
Sue Thompson
I have been a family genealogist since 1991. I have researched the Sowles family for the Sowles Kindred Society. I have given lectures on land records, dating old photographs and held clinics on dating old photographs. I am a sub room volunteer at the ECGS and have volunteered on the Eaton County Cemetery Project. I am presently volunteering on the Probate Scanning Project.
Bethany Waturbury, Next Of Kin Research
Bethany Waturbury, Next Of Kin Research
Bethany Waterbury, owner of Next of Kin Research, is a full-time professional genealogist and lecturer with over nine years of genealogical research experience. She specializes in Reverse Genealogy (locating living relatives of common ancestry) by utilizing record sets and research techniques specific to 20th and 21st century research. She also enjoys challenging Michigan family history brick wall research. Ms. Waterbury is a member of The Association of Professional Genealogists, The National Genealogical Society and The Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy. and website
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