Cogsdill Cemetery, Eaton County, Kalamo Twp. Michigan
Revised 2008
Read and compiled by members of Eaton County Genealogical Society (ECGS)
The Kalamo Township Cemetery 2001 publication by ECGS is available for purchase and contains more information.
Last Name First Name Information Photo
? ?   Yes
? Clarence   Yes
? Clerissa   Yes
Ackley Helen M.   Yes
Aried Charles   Yes
Baker Anthony   Yes
Baker Burt E.    
Baker Ellen Jane    
Baker Mary Baker Granger, Mary Yes
Baker Myra E.   Yes
Baker Nancy Jane    
Baker Pamelia   Yes
Baker Rollin N.   Yes
Boyer Mary Matilda   Yes
Briggs Abel   Yes
Briggs Betsey   Yes
Briggs Carmi   Yes
Briggs Carmi R.   Yes
Briggs Carmi R.   Yes
Briggs David   Yes
Briggs Elizabeth   Yes
Briggs Harriet   Yes
Briggs Henrietta   Yes
Briggs Ira   Yes
Briggs Jessie   Yes
Briggs Julie    
Briggs Lillie   Yes
Briggs Lula E.   Yes
Briggs Nellie    
Briggs Ray   Yes
Briggs William   Yes
Chapin Israel   Yes
Chapin Thomas H.   Yes
Curry Clarissa Wyble, Clarissa Yes
Dean Laura   Yes
Ellis Jane M.   Yes
Granger Bessie B.   Yes
Granger Mary B. Granger, Mary Yes
Granger Thomas J.   Yes
Gusey Amelia   Yes
Gusey Herman   Yes
Gusey Rodolph   Yes
Gusey Sylvia   Yes
Hartsock Harriett E.    
Hoisington Amanda   Yes
Hoisington Andrew   Yes
Hoisington Marquis L.   Yes
Hults Ada   Yes
Hults Catherine   Yes
Hults Daniel   Yes
Hults Eliza   Yes
Hults Ellen   Yes
Hults Merrit   Yes
Jefferies Hanna   Yes
Jefferies John    
Lovejoy Alzina   Yes
Lute Manerva J.   Yes
Marriott Thomas   Yes
Matthes Lewis   Yes
Matthes Lisette   Yes
Matthes William   Yes
Mitchell Elizabeth   Yes
Muir Alfred D.   Yes
Quance Almira   Yes
Robinson Caleb A.   Yes
Robinson Elizabeth   Yes
Robinson  Maritta   Yes
Smith Ralph   Yes
Sprague Hattie P.   Yes
Sprague Infant Son   Yes
Tyler Annie May   Yes
Tyler Betsey   Yes
Tyler Edgar D.   Yes
Tyler Elizabeth L.   Yes
Tyler John S., Sr.   Yes
Tyler Mary Ann   Yes
Tyler Samuel   Yes
Walsworth James   Yes
Walsworth Oral M.   Yes
Willis Elizabeth   Yes
Worden Fred E.   Yes
Wyble Anthony W.   Yes
Wyble Clara Alivilda   Yes
Wyble Clarissa Curry   Yes