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May 2024

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Our Surname Index System

We have a searchable Index System available in our room that contains the individual indexes volunteers have created over the years of our various holdings.  Each index contains the name of a person and the book and page that name is in. If you would like to find more information about a particular name, you can  send a request.  

Featured Database Indexes

See the 1939 Charlotte Home Survey index.  In this case, there are two indexes.  One index is by the address. The other index is by the occupant & owner names.  Click on the following links to view lists.
          View By Addresses                   View By Name

See the index of Grand Ledge Library Cards Index of the card file from the Grand Ledge Library. Images are not availble from this index; see the Members section to see images from this index. (Very large file!)

See the index of Scrapbook 93, donated by Lois Bisel in August 2012.  This index includes images to the scrapbook pages of newspaper clippings of many obituaries, some articles and other miscellaneous items.

See all of our Database Indexes!

See the Database File Listings for name indexes (by category) of the remainder of our database.

List of Holdings Indexed

See a list of all of the holdings we have included in our Index System database.

This page last updated: December 2013